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Fill Your Cup

One day a thirsty woman met Jesus at a well of water.  During their conversation, it became clear that her need was more than physical.  Like many people today, her heart was thirsty–thirsty for forgiveness, peace and answers to her questions about God.  Nothing she had tried up to that point quenched her soul. But then, Jesus offered her what he called, “living water”.  This water was what she needed; it was Jesus himself and the abundant, eternal life he came to provide.  Christ really is the everlasting thirst quencher, and His well will never run dry.


Grace Baptist Church is a family of believers who have had their cups filled.  We have not arrived, but we seek to love and serve the One who has done so much for us.   We like to put it this way:


We exist to glorify God and prepare 24/7 disciples who will

  • pray

  • praise

  • practice stewardship

  • evangelize

  • use spiritual gifts to serve

  • live-out the Word

Whether you have been going to church since you were young, or this kind of community is brand new territory for you, we encourage you to experience Grace.  Enjoy the Bible classes, benefit from the fellowship, and make new friends.  But most of all, FILL YOUR CUP.

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