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I'm New: What to Expect at Grace Baptist Church

Visiting a new church can be really overwhelming. We want to ease that feeling as much as possible! Here’s some information that should make your first visit a comfortable experience and allow you to turn your attention to God’s Word instead of spending it on figuring out our routine.


As you arrive: 

Follow our driveway around to the left to reach the parking area.  Just on the right side of the entrance you will find a parking spot reserved for visitors.  Please use it, that is why it is there.


Finding your place: 

When you walk in you will be welcomed by our wonderful greeters.  They will help you find out where to go.


Sunday Schedule: 

Sunday School / Bible study starts at 10:30 am.  There are classes for all ages and a nursery also.  Our morning service starts at 9:30 am.  Children ages three year old to third grade are dismissed during the main service to go to children's church.  Our evening service starts at 6:00 pm.  During our evening service we usually have a message, prayer time, and food afterward with a great time fellowship. Do not worry about bringing food because there is always plenty.


For your little ones: 

We provide nursery care for children two and younger.  It is a good idea to arrive early if you will be using the nursery.  We ask that you would bring your children to the nursery and pick them up after the service. If nursery workers have a question or your child needs you, a nursery assistant will get you from the service.


What to wear: 

Please do not agonize over this decision. You are welcome no matter what.


Our Worship Service: 

Music is a key element at Grace Baptist.  You will hear lots of it; and will have an opportunity to sing along too!  Our music is traditional and conservative.  We use a combination of old hymns and new pieces, for a song service that is approachable, excellent, and faithful to Scripture.  You'll also hear announcements from one of the Pastors, usually about upcoming events, activities or projects.  At some services, we take a few minutes to greet each other, and you too. Many of us wander around during this time catching up with friends and meeting new people.  Do not feel like you have to leave your seat.  We will also take an offering at the morning worship service, but please do not feel obligated to give. This is the way our church family demonstrates an open heart toward God.  These offerings help support our church mininstries locally and worldwide.  Finally, and most importantly, you will hear a message from God's Word. Some times our Pastor will speak on a specific topic, but usually you will find us working our way through a book of the Bible, one passage at a time, uncovering the lessons that God has for us.


What you will have to do: 

NOTHING!!  We welcome you to join us in any of the elements of congregational worship, but you do not have to if you are not comfortable.

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